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Through a consultative approach, we listen and learn about your specifics needs and goals before we recommend or provide you with the most appropriate solution for your organization in the area of:

Socialization, Government and Community Relations

Screenshot from 2013-06-02 22:10:49To obtain a social license from the local community and authorities where your company is operates. The social license has been defined as existing when a project has the ongoing approval within the local community and other stakeholders, ongoing approval or broad social acceptance, and most frequently as ongoing acceptance. Through its experiences and expertise in the petroleum industry AviarWhetstone will provide quality socialization not only in supporting ongoing projects but also for the long term investment for reputation.

Procurement and contract Services

To provide high quality purchasing services as a part time or full time supplement to your existing procurement organization.

Unlike typical staffing providers or contract employee arrangements, AviarWhetstone can structure our services based on a fixed number of working days each week during an extended project. This structure is much more cost effective for our clients, and provide them with experts resources based on the need and relatively in timely manner.

Security Services

To help you protect your people and your operations AviarWhetstone offers holistic solutions to requirement for security protection, risk management and business continuity.

We can deliver among the best security personnel
Our consultants will provide you with security consulting and management services

Recruitment and out sourcing

Screenshot from 2013-06-02 22:13:10AviarWhetstone has specialized in recruitment and supply qualified workforce to meets clients’ need. Our workforce is flexible and easily configured to complement our clients permanent or temporary workforce. The number and type of workers can be coordinated to match the operational needs and demand according to clients business or project schedule.


Scope of work:

  1. To conduct Sourcing and Selection
  2. Administration for employment
  3. Payroll Administration
  4. To register and payment for Jamsostek
  5. Income Tax administration and payment
  6. Industrial relations matters

Personnel Administration

IMG_3233 aw webAviarWhetstone has specialized in Personnel Administration such as payroll and benefits administration. It is our pleasure to administer and manage this type of administration as part of our expertise so that our clients may focus on their core business.
Human Resources management and HR Policy & Procedure Development

To help you focus on your core business we offer you to appoint us as your Human Resources “think tank” or your full pledged HR specialist on part time basis to design and develop your HR strategies and system. This services will include developing company compendium, compensation system and benefits program, performance management and organization development.

Public Relations and Community Relations System

Other area of our expertise is to provide you with strategy and system in building and strategy in implementing public relations and community relations programs. Community awareness is a key to maintaining public confidence in the integrity of your organization. This is part of building your reputation and your corporate image.

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    AviarWhetstone is a firm providing services such as conformity assessment, consultancy, training and outsourcing in all areas involving quality safety, security, the environment, administration, customer service, sales and marketing, public relations and social responsibility.

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