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AviarWhetstone is a professional service firm dedicated to Human Resources, quality service management outsourcing, public relations and community relations. We provide service in outsourcing for quality manpower and or administration, recruitment, training and consultancy in human resource management including organization assessment. Committed to its core strength of providing services such as providing expatriates consultants, drilling and work-over specialist, commercial and legal advisor, geosciences specialist, various area on seismic projects including socialization.

Screenshot from 2013-05-28 09:56:35AviarWhetstone is a strategic consulting firm that assists it clients in enhancing their reputation and improving relationship with their stakeholders especially in the area that our clients are operates. We focus in providing advice and act on behalf of our clients to obtain “the social license to operate” when a project has the ongoing approval within the local community and other stakeholders.  At the level of local community the “social license” is rooted in the beliefs, perceptions and opinions held by the local population and other stakeholders about the project. It is therefore granted by the community. It is also intangible, unless efforts is made to measures these beliefs, opinion and perceptions. Finally, it is dynamics and non permanent because beliefs, opinion and perceptions are subject to change as new approach and communication are acquired. With more than 20 years experiences in this area we trust we should be able to add value to our client.

The services covered the formalities, administrative and logistical support in facilitating socialization, community relations and government relations to gather their supports of clients field operations, such as field preparation, drilling and seismic acquisition.

AviarWhetstone is a strategic consulting firm that provide procurement and contract services. Our experiences in procurement in the heavy regulated oil gas business will add value to our client by using our high quality services as a part time or full time supplement to the existing procurement organization. Our resources consist of high quality professional personnel with proven integrity that are ready to immediately add value to our clients’ procurement and contracting processes. The resources at AviarWhetstone will integrate with your team within days of commencing the work.

Clients companies turn to AviarWhetstone for expert staffing for their key sourcing projects and in increases workload. When organization require additional staff to support their procurement works AviarWhetstone can provide the skilled procurement personnel to work in balance achieving the goals.


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    AviarWhetstone is a firm providing services such as conformity assessment, consultancy, training and outsourcing in all areas involving quality safety, security, the environment, administration, customer service, sales and marketing, public relations and social responsibility.

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